Strength In Numbers – Anthill Films – UK Premier Prince Charles Cinema, London

After the run-away success of Red Bulls Art of Flight – it looks like it’s the world of Mountain Bikes that is about to get an injection of top-end production value. This film is a collaboration between Anthill Films (from Squamish B.C no less) and Redbull (from Thailand or Germany – I can’t quite remember) – so we expect to see plenty of cinematic slo-motion and silhouetted sun set shots.

From the trailer and press release it looks like the producers are trying to capture a snapshot of the current “dirty-bike” culture and lifestyle that revolves around it. Expect terminally fast downhill in Whistler, cross country single track in the mountains (Indian Himalays?), tree dodging north shore, desert hips and dust dirt trails.

Riders will include our very own British crew Danny MacAskill, Gee Atherton and his sister Rachel and a host of US and international riders young and old. From the trailer it looks like the riders will get a chance to talk a bit about what riding means to them and the cultures it allows them to meet – something more than just your average Huck-film.

UK Premier is tonight at Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Sq.
DVD, d/l and other merch from Anthill Films

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