Lawrence of Belgravia – Dir:Paul Kelly – Heavenly Films

Aired at the London Film Festival a few months ago and now prepping up for a (limited) general release, Paul Kelly’s, 6 years in the making, documentary sheds light on the life of an “almost-was” pop star.

The film follows the daily ups and downs of a true musician, a true artist whose biggest success was a few avant-garde alt indie albums back in the late 80’s early 90s and a thorough dissing from the late great John Peel.

There is no manufactured pomp, entourage or stylists here (apart from the purchase of a new hat from a second hand/vintage shop somewhere in Camden). This is life after near-stardom in its rawest; wrinkles, stains and all.

Lawrence has his own particular style, taste and Birmingham humour that makes him an endearing, if slightly pathetic subject matter. You can’t help but love this ageing pop star, whose love for music, lyrics and poetry is still painfully clear.

There is a message in this film somewhere, but I can’t work out whether it’s; “stick to your dreams and always strive to achieve them” or “if you not a rock star by the time your 25, give up and get on with life”.

You can take Lawrence’s story as a warning or a beacon of hope – either way you’ll learn something valuable from this film.

(and Felt’s tunes aren’t too bad either – apart from Index which is truly shocking – it’s the one John Peel sent back)

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