Red Bull Revolutions in Sound 13th Oct 2011

Red Bull board meeting
“Right guys, listen to this, I have an amazing idea – lets get 30 of the best DJS/soundsystems currently on the scene and cram them into that big ferris wheel by the Thames! Seriously I think It’ll work”

Ever heard of the phrase don’t get high on your own supply? Apparently the guys at RBMA haven’t.

I was one of the lucky few to get a space in one of the pods (20 people plus 1 bar tender, 1 pod host and the DJ’s) – even luckier I managed to scored a pod with The 2Bears (Joe Goddard from Hot CHip and Raf Rundell – prolific S.London club promoter) – needless to say it was amazing. Factor in stunning views of London by night, Joe’s Gabriel track (everyone sang along), a live version of Bear Hug, all wrapped up with a dose of Smiley Culture and DJ Krusts Warhead.

The stream should be up on RBMA soon.

In the mean time enjoy a selection of the tunes that made our pod bounce..

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