Pete and The Pirates @ Scala London

Pete and the Pirates near the end of their Autumn tour peddling their second Album – One Thousand Pictures. After a blast of airplay on 6music a couple of years ago the band stepped back and pulled together their latest creation One Thousand Pieces – and it definitely does not disappoint (unless you’re youtube user younghoeisloco who thinks it sounds slightly detune – Johnny (drummer) retorts that this has been done on purpose to enhance their pervious songs).

                The gig itself was great, a small/mid size venue that was bursting with energy – most of it coming from the young jocular male crowd, but a lot also provided by Tom Sanders himself, who has a unique stage presences, full of slightly camp nuances and expressions that bring an extra narrative and drama to the story telling songs. It also makes him seem like the kind of guy you want at your BBQ telling jokes in the corner. Scala is an interesting venue (apart from the £4 can of Red Stripe!) it’s quite nice and small and gives a sense of intimacy with the band. The crowd were happy with song choices, and there was a good mix of moshing and appreciation. Punters seemed quite varied from older rockers to young dudes.

                The Pirates belted out a few classics (Blood gets thin) and plenty of tunes from their LP; Come to the Bar (the first single from the new album) and Shotgun that certainly got the crowd a bit over-excited. Tunes of the evening – United and Half Moon Street (named after an 80’s erotic thriller flick). Overall a very impressive live performance, sounded just as good live, better actually than CD – which is not always achieved by some bands.

                Also worth mentioning were MySadCaptains supporting – blissed out shoe-gazing, stoner-wave style songs, with a sutble nod to the beach boys – check them out!

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